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Are you currently struggling with your health or your weight or both?
Wondering how to break the cycle?

Are you just starting in raw food and need some support from a raw buddy?

Well you have come to the right place! Read on…..

I am Val Charman and I have discovered the way to health and weight loss, eating a raw vegan diet. I have spent all my life struggling with my weight and contracting various illnesses which I now realise was all because I was eating a diet of unhealthy processed foods and additives.

I now intend to bring my knowledge of food and nutrition to a wider audience to help anyone who wants to free themselves from the bad eating habits they have acquired and start their journey to weight loss and optimum health.

If you are just embarking on your own raw journey and need some support along the way then The Raw Health Club is here to help with mentoring.

If you have any articles, videos or products that would benefit raw fooders then please feel free to email me and request to be included here valcharman@therawhealthclub.co.uk

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